Terms and Conditions


General Conditions

Management reserves the right to refuse entry, suspend or cancel a membership without refund, or request any person to leave the premises if that person does not behave in a responsible manner, uses abusive language, is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or does not adhere to the general conditions.

All participants are required to be a member of Bondi Swim Coach and to have paid for their session/sessions before commencing.


Pool Safety

Ball games, rough or dangerous play (pushing, back flips, bombing, running, etc) are prohibited. Glass or other dangerous items are not permitted in any pool areas.


Beach Safety

All swimmers must have previous swim experience and be able to swim a minimum of 50 metres freestyle without stopping. Orange safety rash shirts are supplied at the beginning of each session and are to be worn at all times until the end of each session. Participants are to remain under the supervision of the coach at all times. Failure to do so could result in suspension or cancellation of membership with no refund. Parents/guardians are welcome to supervise and observe during sessions.



Appropriate and suitable swimwear is required for all pool and beach sessions. Participants are required to wear a swimming cap and goggles at all times (pool only). Loose clothing creates resistance in the water and is not recommended.



In the case of extreme weather or electrical storms, lessons will be cancelled or rescheduled.


Missed Lessons / Cancellations

No refund is given for missed lessons, however, make up lessons may be arranged. In the event of long-term illness or injury, a refund may occur upon presentation of a medical certificate or at our discretion. 24hrs notice must be given for any cancellations.


Injuries & Incidents

It is the responsibility of the participant to advise the coach of any serious or pre-existing injuries or medical conditions before exercising. In the case of any injuries or incidents, the parents/guardians of the student will be notified immediately. In the case of an emergency 000 will be contacted. All injuries and incidents will be recorded in an Incident Report Book.


St Vincent’s College 

St Vincent’s College swim school is strictly a drop off policy. All students are to remain under the supervision of the coach at all times. The pool and change rooms are accessible during lesson times. Other areas of the school are strictly out of bounds during these times. A security guard will allow access to the students on Victoria Street.


Sea Squads

Participants are to meet at the North Bondi ramp opposite North Bondi RSL. Parents/guardians are to make sure that they are on time picking up and dropping off their children.



Participants enter pool or beach sessions at their own risk and accept that management will not be liable for any injuries that may be sustained during these sessions. Participants consent to receiving any medical treatment that staff consider necessary. Management reserves the right to use photos/videos for any and all promotional purposes including advertising and social media.


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Director | Head Coach

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